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Electrolysis Services for Removing Unwanted Hair in Cumberland, Rhode Island

It's amazing a how a few hairs can detract from your beautiful appearance. Enjoy smoother skin and more appeal at our office in Cumberland, Rhode Island, that specializes in removing unwanted hair with our electrolysis services.

Private Hair Removal Services
How about adding some sex appeal to your body? We are professionals that know how to make you look alluring again. We use all disposable needles in a sterile environment. Most importantly, we perform hair removal services in a private room.

Electrolysis Services
Electrolysis By Kim offers the only real and permanent hair removal method. Every follicle is removed individually. The extent of our electrolysis service depends on how you've treated you hair—waxing, shaving, or plucking. Electrolysis works on any type of hair, anywhere on your body.

After Care Treatment
After treatment, we use a mild antiseptic to sterilize the entire treated area. Every one heals differently, depending on the amount of hair that was removed. We recommend using aloe or Neosporin™ cream to accelerate the healing process. 

Smooth Skin, Removing Unwanted Hair in Cumberland, RI

Contact us to request an appointment when you're growing tired of unsightly hairs.